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Christian Overbey Architect

Connecting Your Business to Permits, Architecture and Development

Business Investor Oriented

Your property is the best asset you have to create a financially stable future.

Our three step process helps you leverage your property to its full potential.

1 Concept Feasibility (Start) We’ll work with you to understand your goals, and evaluate your property for opportunities. Our multidisciplinary team of experts will provide code compliance analysis, identify site specific constraints, and model the potential financial outcomes. Then we’ll present the optimal uses of your property to produce the best outcome for you and your family.
2 Design and Commitment (Integrate Time People Money) Our team of experts will develop the design from concept to constructable, working with permitting authorities to ensure compliance. Then we’ll pull together design, construction, costs, and schedule — so you have a complete project vision. We take this vision and make the mutual property redevelopment agreement.
3 Construction and Occupancy (End)  Now we construct the project, building even more value into your property. We handle all the project details; attracting investors, managing the construction, and overseeing sales & leasing. The transformation of your property is complete and we pay you.

Partner with us to get the most Value out of your Property

Have you ever tried to figure out what your property is worth?

There is a good possibility your property could be worth much more than by simply selling it on the open market. Often, there is a much greater opportunity to create lasting wealth by redeveloping your property. 

Our team brings together financial, architectural, and real estate development expertise to partner with you to unleash the hidden value in your property. Helping you achieve the financial outcomes or create the property you’ve always wanted.

Who do we work with?

We strategically partner with existing land owners that have smaller, well-located properties, and create more manageable projects. This way we do not saturate any given submarket. Our investors and financial partners actively support these project types, and our broader mission is to make a positive impact on the world. 

What types of properties?

We work with you to understand your property, but these properties are typically residential or commercial, already zoned or that can be readily rezoned, for live-work, multi-family, and with or without base retail. Ideal sites are 9,000-30,000 square feet of area and can be built 3-5 stories tall.


We are a project management, architectural services and real estate development firm, based in Denver, and providing services nationwide.

Our services go beyond the traditional architecture firm, because our experiences are beyond the typical architecture firm.

Christian Overbey founded Christian Overbey Architect LLC to provide modern project management and architectural services. Christian’s many years of experience led to good project management, based on lean methodologies and respect for stakeholders. Our service menu evolved to incorporate real estate from an investors’ perspective, based on Christian’s experience in the financial advisory field, and passing several securities and insurance licensing exams. We have had many discussions with business and property owners about projects and understand how to lead projects to create and maximize value for them and for real estate investors, looking at real estate secured capital placements.

Live Long & Prosper

Some Sample Projects


Westminster, CO

Office Building Complete Renovation

13,500 SF – $650,000


Lacey, Washington

Design for New Mixed Use Building (Retail & Apartment)

110,000 SF, – $10,000,000


Denver, CO

New developmentally disabled adult day use facility

12,000 SF


Lacey, Washington

School Construction Major Expansion

187,000 SF – $23,400,000


Olympia, Washington

Custom High-Performance Residence

2,400 SF


Denver, Colorado

Altered from Attorney’s Office Mansion to Traveler’s Hostel

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